Board Message - Club President, Dennis Venes resigns

Posted: 19-08-2019


Much to our disappointment, Club President, Mr Dennis Venes, has resigned from the Board.


Dennis informed the Board that, after much deliberation, he felt that the time was right to “hand over the baton”. We made every effort to persuade Dennis to change his mind because he has provided such valuable leadership around the place, pursued relentlessly a positive vision for the club and has been instrumental in creating what the Board believes is a warm, inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment at Green Gully Soccer Club.  He also worked at the club tirelessly without personal financial reward for several years. His contribution has been enormous, invaluable and not without personal sacrifice.


Dennis perhaps takes comfort from the fact that those of us who remain on the Board are there because we were invited by Dennis to serve as custodians of this great club. We share his vision and intend to carry on his hard work.


The Board wishes Dennis well in his retirement and hopes that he will remain a presence at the club, first and foremost because he is a good bloke but also in the event that his wise counsel is needed.


Current Vice President Anthony Klotz will assume the role of Club President until the next election in November.


We thank you Dennis on behalf of Green Gully Soccer Club.


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