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Player List

1Stefan StojcevskiGreen Gully SCForward
2Mohammed BassalGreen Gully SCMidfielder
3Nick GiarrizzoGreen Gully SCMidfielder
4Gavin TasevskiGreen Gully SCMidfielder
5Brandon JosevskiGreen Gully SCForward
6Jordan VartuliGreen Gully SCDefender
7Arop ThomGreen Gully SCMidfielder
8Luke GarroGreen Gully SCGoalkeeper
9Anthony StojcevskiGreen Gully SCMidfielder
10Jacob KitanovskiGreen Gully SCMidfielder
11Nicolas FumoGreen Gully SCMidfielder
12Rafail PolymenopoulosGreen Gully SCForward
13Jefin JojuGreen Gully SCForward
14Luis CleurGreen Gully SCDefender
15Ande YoseskiGreen Gully SCDefender
16Kor DengGreen Gully SCDefender
17Marco SicllianoGreen Gully SCForward
18Yaphet AbedeGreen Gully SCMidfielder
19Musa ShanGreen Gully SCDefender
20Garang ArouGreen Gully SCDefender
21William ZachariasGreen Gully SCDefender
22Elon DzadeyGreen Gully SCDefender
23Jerrad TysonGreen Gully SCGoalkeeper
24Tomas JosifovskiGreen Gully SCGoalkeeper
25Lucas TsiflidisGreen Gully SCDefender
26Caio De GodoyGreen Gully SCDefender
27Mitchell Graham-Defender
28Jordon HallGreen Gully SCDefender
29Aidan LaneGreen Gully SCDefender
30Daniel JonesGreen Gully SCDefender
31Matthew CardwellGreen Gully SCDefender
32Matthew Crooks-Midfielder
33Jay DaviesGreen Gully SCMidfielder
34Nicholas GeorgopoulosGreen Gully SCMidfielder
35Zoran SljivicGreen Gully SCForward
36Alex SalmonGreen Gully SCForward
37Goran SljivicGreen Gully SCForward
38Teeboy KamaraGreen Gully SCForward
39Mamadi KamaraGreen Gully SCForward
40Harry HoGreen Gully SCDefender
41Melvin Beckett-Midfielder
42Shaun TimminsGreen Gully SCDefender
43Matthew FletcherGreen Gully SCForward
44Jack Cotsanis-Midfielder
45Luc Jeggo-Midfielder
46Dane MilovanovićGreen Gully SCMidfielder
47Anthony Poljak-Forward
48David ThomsonGreen Gully SCGoalkeeper
49Jeremy WalkerGreen Gully SCDefender