President’s Message – What a Season!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We commenced the season with a new team, new players, new combinations, new coaches, a group coming together for the first time off the back of season 2018 when the club narrowly avoided relegation. There was no guarantee of success. Things were quite capable of going pear shaped!

However, what we observed was that the new combinations began to work themselves out, a positive, supportive, inclusive change room culture developed, and by mid season the team became unbeatable. So much so that a trophy suddenly entered people’s thoughts and ambitions. No longer content at having made the six, we felt we could win a grand final.

So yes, we lost on Saturday and it hurts, but the hurt is only because we improved over the season to a point where we knew we were capable of winning a trophy! That is success.

That, in my books, is a season about which we should be proud. Well done Gully boys!

Anthony Klotz
Acting President
Green Gully SC