WRAP | Senior Men v Oakleigh Cannons

Report by Assistant Coach Steve Laurie.
Photos by Mark Avellino Photography.

An in-depth week of planning preceded our Friday clash with the Oakleigh Cannons, leaving us well prepared for the difficult match-up.

Oakleigh had a strong squad – all the way to the 20th man – hence why they were undefeated before last week’s game.

We stuck to our game plan throughout the full 90 minutes, giving us the upper hand and eventual victory. 

We did not rest on our first half performance, came out and upped the ante again in the second half. 

It’s a game that we can take a lot of confidence from in and out of possession.

Oakliegh will not lose 3-0 at home by many teams.

We are all loving the winning feeling right now, but we know the work and mental fortitude must continue to build.

We plan to welcome back Sean Timmons and Teeboy Kamara for our upcoming clash with Altona Magic this week.

Check us out Saturday afternoon when we return home for Round 6.



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