PREVIEW | R9: Seniors V Melbourne Knights

It is Western Derby time!

Tonight our Seniors take on local rival, Melbourne Knights, in hope to take out a top-four spot.

Over the years we’ve had a lot of close contests with the Knights.

In 2019 they got the better of us. First it was a 2-1 victory, then 1-1 result at home.

The year before we broke even, securing a 5-1 win in our biggest result for the year before later losing 0-1 on the road.

In 2021 the Knights look dangerous. They currently sit with four wins in fourth position, jumping the table with a tight 2-1 finish against Alonta Magic last week.

Admittedly it’s been a little hard for us to pin down our season. It is clear we’re hungry but our results continue to be hard to predict.

Comparatively, the Knights have kept with expectations thus far. They have beaten all but one of their bottom end opponents but pull up short against some of the top competitors.

Their biggest scalp so far has been Dandenong Thunder, a team we also secured a win against (FFA).

There’s no telling how this game will play out. We’re in sixth position but a loss could send us further down. If the Knights beat us, it’ll be their biggest for the season.

We should give them some trouble and the result will be close whichever way it goes.

It’s likely going to be our biggest home game of the year so get down there and rally behind the boys.

The night kicks off at 8pm. Be there!