Last Saturday the Eastern Lions and Green Gully came together in honour of one man — Jimmy Williams. We observed an unveiling of the Jimmy Williams Stand and took part in a luncheon to commemorate the great day. We’re incredibly grateful that the Eastern Lions included us in such a beautiful event.

Starting the game both teams struggled to convert up until the second half. However, we took the lead early after a cross from Nahuel Bonada, intended for Alex Salmon, connected with a defender’s foot and redirected into goal for our first. For the remainder of the half neither team scored with our defensive half shutting down many of the Lions’ chances heading into goal while we continued to push on the other end.

After the break our seniors came out rejuvenated. Salmon found Luc Jeggo in a promising position near goal, allowing him his first and a two goal margin for the boys. Not long after Josh Hope kicks first after being subbed on.

Eastern Lions continued to push to their credit, putting up a few good shots to challenge the likes of Liam Driscoll in goal. We too continued to push, with a goal from Bonada capping us off with a 4-0 margin for our second week in a row.

We’re happy with how we’re progressing as we look to solidify ourselves in the top-four these coming weeks.

Report by Brandon Hutchinson.
Photo by Mark Avellino Photography