Vale Henry ‘Harry’ Moakes OAM

Today Green Gully said goodbye to Henry ‘Harry’ Moakes OAM for the very last time.
Harry leaves behind a wealth of loved ones, both family and friends, and a proud history of the club he founded almost 70 years ago.
Coming to terms with the last week has been difficult for us. The club which we come to work, the grounds that we play our games and the rooms where we sing our song, stand today because of the dreams of one man. We thank you for having the vision and follow through that has now allowed so many others to realise their passions and find their homes at Green Gully Soccer Club.
You have been enormous in not only building our club but for football as a whole in Victoria. Your legacy will carry on through this club and we promise to do you proud.
We will always remember you and thank you for everything.
Rest in peace, Harry.