WRAP | R10: Bentleigh Greens V Seniors

Last Saturday against Bentleigh was a game of two halves if ever I’ve seen one.

In the first we came out and played some great football with real intent and purpose, both with and without the ball. Our tempo was that of a higher standard than NPL level and we got our rewards from a Nicky G finish.

Even after we went 1-0 up we still went about our business, very focused and with a real strong mindset to get another. We got our rewards with a second from a great finish by Alex Salmon.

After we went up 2-0 the group stayed strong until half time.

Then comes the second half, to which for some reason we have struggled with of late. Our decision making was lacking, especially when compared to our first half precision.

Bentleigh, to their credit, got one back and was well deserved. We looked a little out of sorts in the second half. The effort was still there, but as mentioned our decision making at key moments cost us and we conceded a second.

I felt we could then hold on for a draw but I guess that’s how football goes. You need to be focused for the whole 90 and we were not on this occasion and it cost us when they got the winner in the 87th minute.

Bentleigh remained positive and kept at the task at hand. It hurts to say but they deserved to win on the day.

Report by: Steve Laurie
Photo by: Paul Crossley