PREVIEW | R6: Altona Magic V Seniors

Tonight our Seniors head to Paisley Park to take on Altona Magic for the first time in nearly two years.

If our Seniors can secure the result over Altona, we can put the last fortnight to bed.

Nobody likes to face back to back losses but it has been our reality these last two weeks. First to Heidelberg at home, then to Oakleigh on the road.

We’ve been offered a chance to put the last loss aside with this week’s quick turnaround, and while it is unwise to underestimate your opponent, Altona may be the perfect match for it.

As of now, Altona are winless. Their last two results were losses to South Melbourne (4-1) and Oakleigh (1-0). Before that they secured three consecutive draws against Heidelberg (2-2), Avondale (2-2) and Hume (0-0).

As an outfit they have strong scoring potential, boasting four players with multiple goals thus far.

Comparatively, we have just one.

Alex Salmon has been clinical on goals for us this season, leading the league. However, he is our only Senior player with multiple goals.

Daniel Jones, Teeboy Kamara and Anthony Poljak all have one, though two of those came from the opening round against St Albans.

Despite that, this is our game to win.

Altona have given up two wins already to teams with less than 11 men. Their first was against Avondale who they managed to steal 2-2 result against after their opposition lost two men to reds, and the other Heidelberg, who also suffered a red but still managed to secure a draw.

Our talent and heart is clear. If we can bounce back from our poor fortnight, we can take some new momentum into April.

Get behind our boys tonight at 7:30 down at Paisley Park.


Preview by: Brandon Hutchinson